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How do we start a recycling program?

BEFORE you begin collecting anything, make sure you know what you’ll do with it once it’s collected. Many businesses do not generate the amount of recyclables needed by a commercial recycling company, such as Vangel, for pick-up service. Contact us and we’ll help you determine whether you have sufficient material for pick up and if not, we’ll help you identify other options. Please note that Vangel will provide pick-up service to all data destruction clients at no additional cost but arrangements must be made in advance. If you are an existing Vangel client (recycling or destruction) and would like information on additional services, please contact us.

How does a typical recycling program work?

Save the acceptable types of paper at your desk using a collection system that is easy for you — a folder, a section of a desk organizer or a recycling box. At your convenience empty your personal container into one of the central collection containers, which are usually placed by copiers and/or printer stations. The cleaning service and/or facilities staff is usually responsible for consolidating the material at the dock or loading area for pick up.

How frequent are pick ups?

In order to provide pick-up service free of charge, a location must meet a minimum weight requirement that is determined prior to the program’s kick-off. Initially, most programs begin on an “on call” basis and once a pattern is identified, the program is put on a regular schedule.


How do I request a pick up?

Contact us to provide the number of containers ready for pick up. We exchange containers, allowing us to clean them before sending them back out, rather than dumping them at your facility. Most often we’re there within 24 hours but we appreciate two days advance notice to allow for efficient scheduling.


How often will my box be emptied?

Usually, it is the individual’s responsibility to empty his or her own personal container. Central collection containers located in copy rooms and by printer stations may be emptied once or twice per week in a large office. In a small office, it might only be once per month. If a container in your area needs to be emptied, notify your recycling coordinator, office manager or contact Vangel and we’ll locate the appropriate contact.


How do we know we’re making a difference?

According to the EPA, as the greatest portion of the waste stream, paper also offers the greatest opportunity for recycling. In 2003, EPA WasteWise business partners recycled more than 476,100 tons of paper and in 2010 an estimated 65 percent of all paper was recycled. This leads to conserving resources, saving energy, stimulating the development of greener technologies and reducing the need for new landfills and incinerators.


What types of paper can be recycled?

Some recycling programs have more flexibility than others. Vangel offers its clients standard guidelines for the types of paper collected for recycling. To avoid contaminating materials that have been collected, when in doubt, throw it out or contact Vangel.


What about shredded paper?

Shredded paper MUST be bagged and kept separate from non-shredded paper. The bags should be placed with, but NOT IN, the recycling containers for pick up at your regularly scheduled time. Pick up of just bags of shred is not economically feasible. Click here for more shredding information.


Can we recycle anything other than paper?

Individual organizations determine the types of materials that are collected to be recycled. Check with your recycling coordinator to learn more about the details or contact Vangel and we’ll be happy to help you find the answers.




Why do we need to shred? Most of our documents don’t contain confidential information.

According to Federal regulations, virtually every business has data that needs to be rendered incapable of use and identification prior to disposal. See what types of documents fall under these regulations.

What kinds of paper can be shredded?

All types of paper can be shredded, including file folders and paper containing staples, paper clips and rubber bands. Unlike recycling, it’s not the color or type of paper that dictates that it be shredded but the information ON the paper.

How frequent are pick-ups?

That depends on your needs and the amount of material. Some clients require daily service; others call when ready. This is determined at the time you begin service. Of course, if your needs change, your schedule can be modified accordingly.


What happens if our shredding container is full before a regularly scheduled pick-up?

Just contact Vangel and we will schedule a date for pick up.


We need to sort through our stored files before we send them to be shredded. Can you supply containers to help with this?

Vangel is happy to drop off as many containers as you think you will need, before the scheduled pick-up date, to help you with the sorting and shredding process.


I have boxes of records. How much does a box weigh?

12” (L) x 12” (W) x 15” (H) (1 cy ft). Capacity = approx 35 lbs. 12” (L) x 24” (W) x 15" (H) (2 cy ft). Capacity = approx 55 lbs.


Can we keep the file boxes we’ve been using to store documents prior to shredding?

Yes, you can keep your boxes to reuse.


Do you have lockable containers?

Yes, Vangel offers a variety of secure containers and can help you identify which type best meets your needs.



Why use a shredding service rather than buy a shredder?

Cost effectiveness. For all but the smallest amounts of paper, it is more expensive to shred in-house than to use Vangel when you consider the cost of purchase of a shredder and supplies, maintenance, and disposal of the shredded material. And there’s the cost of your employees’ time spent shredding—time spent away from their primary responsibilities.



We have an in-house shredder so why would we need Vangel’s services?

Small convenience shredders may be fine for a few sheets of paper throughout the day but they’re inefficient for larger quantities and you still have to deal with the noise, dust, debris and disposal. Learn more about why to shred and why Vangel is a great shredding partner.



Do you provide a Certificate of Destruction?

Yes, a Certificate of Destruction is part of Vangel’s secure process. It includes the container serial numbers, Vangel driver’s name, and the date and time of pick up.




What size jobs do you accept?

Vangel services a range of industries and clients. Contact us to see how we can help meet your organization’s individual needs.




We have several locations. Can you provide service to all of them?

Vangel is happy to service clients with multiple locations. Contact us to learn more about establishing shredding schedules for each of your offices.




How do you charge for your services?

Vangel offers convenient billing options that meet our clients’ individual needs. We’ll work with you to develop the most cost effective and time efficient option.





Why use a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE)?

As a certified WBE, Vangel can help your firm enhance its supply chain diversification and meet its supplier diversity goals without compromising standards and other specifications of the job.

Does Vangel guarantee its services?

Vangel is insured against Professional Errors and Omissions and bonds and insures its employees. Additionally, Vangel assumes liability of documents from pick up through destruction. Learn more about our secure process.

How do you charge for your services?

Vangel offers convenient billing options that meet our clients’ individual needs. We’ll work with you to develop the most cost effective and time efficient option.


How do we get started on a shredding or recycling program?

Simply contact Vangel to learn more about the single source solutions for shredding and recycling that are available. We’re locally owned and owner-managed so make one call and receive personalized, expert assistance.


My service provider is “bonded.” Isn’t “bonded” and “insured” the same thing?

No. Bonding usually refers to "employee theft and dishonesty" insurance which covers against a loss while on the client's premises. It does not protect against the unauthorized release of information which is a risk whenever someone comes in contact with your data, even if it's just to carry out the bag or the box to the truck. Only professional liability insurance (often called errors and omissions or malpractice) covers this type of liability. Vangel carries both and assumes liability of data from pick up through destruction. Learn more about our secure process.


Are Vangel employees bonded?

Yes, our employees are bonded. In addition, our data destruction staff undergo thorough pre-employment and periodic random testing and screening, and are required to abide by the terms of a stringent Confidentiality Agreement.


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