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Public Community Shredding Events

Upcoming Public Shredding Events

September 29th, 2018


Atonement Lutheran,
9121 Old Harford Road,
Parkville, 21234

October 13, 2018


Knights of Columbus
1010 Frederick Ave,
Catonsville, 21228

We will also collect your electronics for recycling ONLY.  Vangel undertakes no responsibility or obligation to destroy any data storage devices collected at community shred events.  Please remove or call Vangel. NO CRT TV’S OR MONITORS!  Flat screens are OK.  NO household appliances, electric toothbrushes, toys, speakers, stereos, items with Freon, etc. No hazardous waste.

Vangel reserves the right to reject any item.

October 20th, 2018


Jacksonville Senior Center,
3605 Sweet Air Rd,
Phoenix, 21131

October 28, 2018


Beth El Congregation
8101 Park Heights Ave,
Pikesville, 21208


Vangel Shred Event Rules for Participants

Over the past years, we’ve had hundreds of participants attend our hosts’ shred events and their fundraising success could not be done without everyone.  To help everyone succeed in getting their documents securely destroyed, we have set up some basic guidelines for attending any of our shred events. The list below may not be inclusive of all rules for any particular event so please contact the event host or our office if you have any questions.

1. No early birds.

To allow for safe set up of the event location, the hosts, volunteers and Vangel staff need unobstructed access to the area.  People arriving early are not necessarily going to be first in line.

2. No drop-and-runs

Vangel and event hosts will not take responsibility for material dropped off prior to the event.  Absolutely no materials left for shredding prior to the event without their owners present will be shredded.

3. Boxes, bags, etc.

Vangel and event hosts ask that you take with you the boxes, bags and containers you brought materials in.

4. Follow host instructions

The hosts for your shredding event have done all they can to put together a successful and safe event.  Each location for an event varies with the requirements of that particular host, so rules and instructions may be different.  Please follow those instructions and understand they are for the safety of everyone there.

5. What to shred and what NOT to shred

Absolutely PAPER ONLY.  Dumping out a desk drawer or taking a random box from a family member without knowing what is inside can be dangerous for everyone.  Batteries of any type, electronics, nails, screws, tools, bullets, coins, medications, candles, award plaques and trophies, socks and pantyhose are just a few of the items we’ve encountered and all are prohibited.  A host volunteer or Vangel staff reserves the right to reject your materials or ask you to sort your items.  Vangel always reserves the right to reject any participant or their materials for shredding for any reason.

If electronics are being collected separately at the event, anything which may contain personal information, such as hard drives or sim cards in cell phones, must be removed.  Vangel undertakes no responsibility or obligation to destroy any data contained within electronics at Community Shred events. Vangel reserves the right to reject any materials  for any reason.

6. Safety

Our state-of-the-art shredding trucks are mobile factories processing material.  Do not crowd the shredding trucks , attempt to enter any doors or go underneath the trucks.  Please do not allow children to “explore” unsupervised.

7. Last words

Vangel will not issue a Certificate of Destruction for your shredding at community shred events.  If your require a Certificate of Destruction for compliance (i.e., medical, financial, legal, etc.) please contact Vangel for direct service.

If you bring more than 5 boxes, your material may not be dumped all at the same time but worked in as volume permits.  Community shred events are provided as a service to residents who do not have access to commercial shredding service.  It is unfair to residents if businesses monopolize the event.

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